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Instructions: Enter text in the text box below and/or select criteria in the pull-down menus (School Types, Local Districts, and Board Districts). You can select several values under each pull-down. To close a pull-down click on the X at the top left of the menu. You can sort results by clicking on the column name.

Example search 1: selecting Primary Center and Elementary School under School Types and selecting Central under Local Districts then clicking Search will return all primary center and elementary schools in the Central Local District.

Example search 2: typing in the phrase "holly" and selecting Elementary under School Types then clicking Search will return all elementary schools with the word "holly" in their name, such as Hollywood.

Instructions: for instructions and sample searches click on the Instructions button on the right of the screen.

Click here for the following school lists: K-12 School Listing, New Schools, Charter Schools, and Local Districts.

Note: To find the school that your child will attend based on your home address, use the Resident School Identifier.

Search for a school(s) by entering text in the textbox and/or selecting boxes in the catergories below then click the Search button:
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